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Buyer’s Inspection

A pre-purchase inspection report is a relatively small investment that will give the home buyer peace of mind in the knowledge that they have bought a home that has been thoroughly checked over by a qualified building professional.

Seller’s Inspection

A pre-listing inspection is a tool that can be used to help expedite the selling of your house. This will give potential buyers the confidence in the house, to move forward with a fast, and efficient sale.


We are trained in the new ASTM E-2018 Commercial Inspection Standards. Commercial inspections are performed somewhat like a home inspection, but using the Nationally Recognized ASTM Standards. Lite Commercial Inspections are for building less than 10,000 square feet & the roof must be accessible, usually 1 or two stories at most.

Radon Gas Testing

Indoor radon can be a health threat, rated as the second leading cause of lung cancer. We use Continuous Radon Monitors(CRM), which have been accepted by US EPA for use in real estate transaction testing to test for the presence of radon gas.




Leading-Technology Software

Royal T Home Services uses cutting edge technology and software for your convenience to provide you not only with a great inspection, but an easy to follow along inspection report. The report contains details regarding any issues that arose during the inspection, including pictures, and voice narration from the inspector to clarify any of our findings.



Easy-to-Read Reports

Inspection reports are detailed and organized, with color coded comments, to help you decipher between items such as small repairs and maintenance, and safety issues. Our reports are always sent out the same day to get them into your hands as quickly as possible.

About Royal T.


Let our Experience work for you!

With Royal T Home Services, you’ll be working with an experienced inspector with over 9 years in the home inspection industry. We look forward to working with you to create the most efficient and detailed home inspection you will ever experience.
As a former home builder and remodeling licensed contractor, I am very well versed in all aspects of the house building process, and understand where to look to ensure the integrity of a house.


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